The Romance of Recipes

Bring your own treasured recipe to share at this tasty interactive session exploring the stories behind favourite recipes.
18 Jun 2017
10:30 am - 11.30
Downstairs Studio

The Romance of Recipes

Recipes are instructions: they list what you need in the order you need it, tell you how to combine it all and what temperature the oven should be to cook it. But sometimes, they’re a whole lot more than dinner. They can be mementos and memoir, travel souvenirs, family chronicles; some are as lyrical and poignant as poetry.

Bring your own treasured recipes to share – you know, like you’d bring a plate – and together we’ll talk about flavour, memory and the rich language of food and family at this fun, chatty interactive session. Maybe it’s the work of a flash celebrity chef (Jamie Oliver anyone?) that you’ve made your own or the evocative beauty of Elizabeth David’s writing. Or a hand-me-down classic, synonymous with happy times.

Expect some laughs, some memories and maybe even a couple of ideas for lunch as we explore why recipes are often so much more than the sum of their ingredients and methods.

Read Michelle’s memory of a not so pleasant recipe in her story “Trial by Trotter.”


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