WLF 2018 From Little Things…


From Little Things…

The 15th Williamstown Literary Festival celebrates our belief that from little things extraordinary things grow. Little things make big things happen. Little words become sentences that blossom into compelling short stories and novellas. Sentences grow into revealing biographies, novels and books of every kind; books that challenge and change us. Line by line, poems are crafted. Word by word stories are nurtured, recalled and recounted. Lyric by lyric, songs spring to life and image by image, unforgettable picture books are born.

We’ll explore the power of chance encounters, an encouraging mentor, a kind word or gesture, small steps taken, a workshop or a talk attended, a competition entered, a connection made. We’ll play with little ideas that take hold, germinate, sprout and bloom. We’ll learn to make a start, take a risk, to overcome creative block and to thrive.

And 2018 is a chance to celebrate Willy Lit Fest itself and the small group of friends who had a little idea that’s grown into a big hearted festival bringing the community together for an engaging weekend of conversation, learning and delight for the past 15 years.

We’ll celebrate the writers and performers who’ve grown along with us, showcase new and upcoming authors and rejoice in the creative people of Melbourne’s west. We’ll meet poets, performers and playwrights across every genre; the steady, tenacious, unstoppable ones who don’t give up until their tales are told. And little by little we’ll discover and delight in their stories.

Loraine Callow – Program Director




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