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Renata Singer

Renata Singer is a writer, community activist and educator who divides her time between Melbourne and New York. She co-founded Fitted for Work after working with Bottomless Closet in New York. Renata is Chair of the Oxfam New York Committee and a member of the Oxfam America Leadership Council. Among Renata’s publications are The Front of the Family, True Stories from the Land of Divorce and Goodbye and Hello. Her most recent book (with Peter Singer) is The Moral of the Story: Ethics Through Literature.

In Older and Bolder, published in 2015, Renata Singer contrasts the stories of the pioneers of active, productive old age against the anxieties of those facing the milestone of turning sixty, considering each viewpoint in the light of revealing research. Older and Bolder is her rallying guide to living audaciously in the last third of your life.

See Renata at the 2016 Festival:

18-06-2016 10.30am-11.30am

What does it mean to grow for older in our youth-obsessed world? Join Renata Singer, author of Older and Bolder, the rallying guide to ageing audaciously, and Melanie Joosten, author of A Long Time Coming, in this provocative discussion with…

Location: Council Chamber