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Gemma Jones

Gemma Jones works on public programming for Craft Victoria as well as being an artist and maker in her own right with a love of pop and folk art.  She has a strong background in writing and editing, community engagement and alternative arts practices.  She founded the community craft group Kaotic Kraft Kuties, edited over ten titles for Outre Gallery Press and wrote about art & craft for The Vine for many years.  At Craft Victoria she manages the annual Craft Cubed Festival – Australia’s biggest celebration of the handmade – as well as championing ideas and writing within the craft community.


See Gemma at the 2016 Festival:

19-06-2016 10.30am-11.30am

Once the domain of the domestic, craft has now infiltrated every creative sphere – including food, fashion, fine art and architecture. Join bonafide craft gurus Rebecca Jobson and Ramona Barry as they talk with Gemma Jones about the craft renaissance…

Location: Supper Room