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Donna Ward

Donna Ward is the publisher at Inkerman & Blunt. She was founding editor of indigo, the journal of Western Australian creative writing, and editor of Australian Poetry’s online magazine Sotto. She holds a BA in Classics, Ancient History and Economics, and a Bachelor of Social Work from the UWA. She worked for many years in welfare management, community development, then became an organizational consultant focusing on conflict, change, and program development, all before establishing her own psychotherapy practice. She believes every inch of her experience was simply training for doing what she does now.

Although best known as a publisher, Donna is also a writer, specifically of personal essays. Her first published short memoir, ‘The Weight of a Child’ appeared in Island Magazine 121, 2009. The first short memoir she ever wrote was a runner up in the Fish Sort Memoir Competition in Ireland three years later in 2012.  She wrote a small piece that was a response to Rush by Philip Glass which appeared in the anthology of Jazz writing, Ext2012, and her work appeared in Southerly Magazine two editions on Australian Dreams in 2014 and 2015.

See Donna at the 2016 Festival:

18-06-2016 12.00pm-1.00pm

An exploration of big ideas: faith, doubt and redemption, the delicate fault-lines of being human. All these things and more held in the small moment of a poem. Join Donna Ward, Arnold Zable, Leah Kaminsky and David Tacey as they…

Location: Council Chamber