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David Astle

As crossword maker in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald and a Wordplay columnist with Spectrum, David Astle is a full-time word nerd. He’s the author of Wordburger – a quick-snack guide to cryptic crosswords for kids or rookies in general, as well as the time-travelling mind-trip called Riddledom.  His other wordy hits include Cluetopia, plus the ultimate manual-cum-memoir, Puzzled. To complete the set are the two pocketbooks: Puzzles & Words – and Puzzles & Words 2.  And you may also recall his face from the SBS cult show, Letters and Numbers.

See David at the 2016 Festival:

Join David Astle for a fun and challenging session that will get kids thinking, talking and giggling about language.  David will whip up a flurry of riddles, puzzles, and lateral-thinking games that’ll have young minds penning puns and trying out…

Location: Supper Room