2.00pm - 3.00pm
Upstairs Studio
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Please note that due to demand, this session is a repeat of the Saturday event of the same name.

The Unseen Anzac – How an Enigmatic Polar Explorer Created Australia’s World War 1 Photographs

During his lifetime, Australian polar explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins attempted to reach the North Pole in a submarine, explored the Arctic and Antarctic by air, travelled around the world in a Zeppelin and was the official ANZAC photographer during World War I. Wilkins died in America in 1958 and his lifetime collection of artefacts, records, photographs and film is still being located. Although considered Australia’s greatest war photographer and polar explorer, he has largely disappeared from the history books.

Together with Peter Hemphill, Yarraville author Jeff Maynard will discuss his book, The Unseen ANZAC, and explain how he discovered some of Wilkins’ lost records in an Amish barn in Michigan in 2014. Jeff will also have a range of unusual artefacts on display, talk about his return to America to locate more of Wilkins’s records, and the plans to turn The Unseen ANZAC into a documentary film. The session is a must for anyone interested in ANZAC or Australian history.

“Every Australian should read The Unseen ANZAC. Almost every page will leave you astonished.” – The Age, Melbourne.

Jeff Maynard is an author and documentary maker. His books include Niagara’s Gold, Divers in Time, and Wings of Ice. He is a former editor of Australian Motorcycle News, and retains a keen interest in classic motorcycles. He is a member of the Explorers Club and is on the board of the Historical Diving Society. Jeff continues to research Sir Hubert Wilkins and locate his records and artefacts in Australia, Europe, and the USA. Jeff lives in Melbourne with his wife, Zoe, and their family.