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Each week the Loom Room Williamstown welcomes craftspeople of all ages to meet and share their skills with thread of every kind. They knit, they felt, they crochet, sew, spin, sculpt and weave! Join us as Willy Lit Fest President Angela Altair launches a wonderful story of a creative, connected community – Stories of the Loom Room, recorded by Wendy Poussard.

The LOOM ROOM in Williamstown is a friendly place where craftspeople of various ages and cultural backgrounds share skills and ideas and enjoy one another’s company. The Loom Roomers love threads. They work on individual and community projects that involve weaving, sewing, knitting, felting and a host of other crafts. They learn new techniques from one another and from other expert craftspeople.

There is lots of laughter and everyone is welcome. In the LOOM ROOM everyone can learn, teach, swap ideas and do their own thing while enjoying a cuppa and the company of friends.

This book introduces ten of the Loom Room’s amazingly creative people, who tell their stories about what they do at the Loom Room, and why it matters.