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Older and Bolder

What does it mean to grow for older in our youth-obsessed world? Join Renata Singer, author of Older and Bolder, the rallying guide to ageing audaciously, and Melanie Joosten, author of A Long Time Coming, in this provocative discussion with Enza Gandolfo. Proudly supported by Victoria University

Older and Bolder – Life After 60 – Renata Singer

For the first time in history, women can expect to live well from their sixties for another three decades. A drab existence of retirement, disease and disconnection is not an option for this generation of women.

In Older and Bolder, Renata Singer contrasts the stories of the pioneers of active, productive old age against the anxieties of those facing the milestone of turning sixty, considering each viewpoint in the light of revealing research. Older and Bolder is her rallying guide to living audaciously in the last third of your life.


A Long Time Coming – Melanie Joosten

This collection of thought-provoking essays explores what it means to grow old in our youth-obsessed world.
Improved health care and increased standards of living mean that each generation is living longer than the last. Rather than heralding this as a success, governments see our ageing population as an imminent disaster and old age as a medical problem. In response, we are encouraged to remain active, stay healthy and work longer — in short, to refuse becoming old. But if living longer is really about staying young, do we risk turning a blind eye to issues facing the elderly?

Written with intelligence and compassion, Joosten’s pieces consider the housing crisis as it affects older people, the politics of nursing-home care, the realities of dementia, and women’s changing relationship to their bodies as they age. Weaving interviews with research and personal essay, Joosten undertakes a timely and clear-sighted investigation into what it means to age in a world focused on the young. Arguing that every one of us has the right to be old while maintaining integrity, these essays ask us to reconsider our individual and collective experiences to find meaning and come to terms with growing old.

Join us for this not to be missed interview and discussion.