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Morris Gleitzman Web Image

What’s your favourite Morris Gleitzman book?  Is it Bumface or Blabber Mouth?  Once, Then or Now?  Or are you a Misery Guts?  Kids of all ages (even big kids) are invited to enter Morris’ world as he talks about these books and more.  Prepare to be delighted.

Morris never achieved his childhood dream of becoming a professional football player, but he did become one of Australia’s most successful writers. After starting as a writer on The Norman Gunston Show, Morris managed to skip the stage of sending off countless manuscripts to publishers only to be rejected. Instead a publisher approached him to write a children’s book, and he’s never looked back.

His funny and offbeat books often deal with big issues and are stocked around the world. Two Weeks with The Queen, Other Facts of Life, Misery Guts, Blabber Mouth, Worry Warts, Sticky Beak, Once and the Toad Trilogy are just some of his books which have defined the reading experience of kids everywhere.

You can read a great interview with Morris here.