12.00pm - 1.00pm
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Conversations for the Curious

Free event, no bookings required, just come along! Bring ideas and respectful opinions!

Do you sometimes wish you could have a good old chat about issues and ideas? Books, politics, travel, sustainability, what makes a civil society? Once a week a group of people meet in Williamstown at the Senior’s building and discuss things that matter. On Saturday 18 June they are bringing a conversation to the Willy Lit Fest and you are invited to be part of it. We invite you to join the curious crew from Williamstown’s Conversations for the Curious for an hour of fascinating discussion.

The conversation topic will be –

“How can we minimise our plastic use and achieve the best environmental, social and economic outcomes?”
Over the last 30 years plastic has played an increasing part in our lives, from complex car parts to sterile medical packaging. It has proved to be durable, convenient and safe. Sadly its very durability makes it a huge problem when it is no longer needed. The build up of discarded plastic is causing escalating damage to our wildlife and ecosystems that won’t go away.

Principles that underpin the Conversations for the Curious Program.

Conversations – a sharing of knowledge and information.

Curiosity – a thirst for discussing things in our lives that matter.

People are curious by nature. They have insights and wisdom which deserve to be listened to, even if they are at odds with our own. People require a safe environment to express their thoughts and feelings. Dialogue is an effective way to learn from other people’s ideas and opinions. People are more likely to embrace changes to their beliefs and attitudes if they safe within a supportive community. Most people seek to make the world a better place for all to live in; they are not driven primarily by self interest.